17th Avenue South

Corridor Study

Fargo, ND









Project Description


Fargo’s 17th Avenue is a heavily used corridor that stretches the entire length of the city. While it is primarily residential, the corridor supports some of the most intense retail and commercial development in the metro, including West Acres. It also serves two Fargo Schools (South High School and Lewis and Clark Elementary) and several of the largest parks in the in the metro, including Elmwood Park in West Fargo, Rabanus Park and Lindenwood Park in Fargo and Gooseberry Mound Park in Moorhead. This corridor is an important roadway for all modes of transportation.


The purpose of this study is to understand current and future traffic conditions to identify and analyze the impacts of potential improvements which will address declining operations and the identified need for a cross-town bicycle route. Improvements will be developed on the west half of the corridor (highlighted in red below)  to address the long term needs of 17th Avenue of the corridor for all modes of transportation, including vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian modes. Improvements on the east half of the corridor (highlighted in yellow below) will focus on strategies to incorporate bicycle facilities. The study will include an implementation strategy useful for decision makers, staff, developers, property owners, and residents.

Study Area



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